EPIC2021 is a conference…and a community.

Whether you have targeted networking goals or crave the serendipity that connects you to intriguing people you didn’t know you wanted to meet, we work hard to support meaningful connections in Terra. We design networking and social events with the principles of generosity, reciprocity, and fun.

Gathering on Terra

During 11–21 October, Terra is our virtual gathering place and your 24/7 community hub. You’ll find:

  • “Always on” social spaces where you can meet new friends and connect with old ones
  • Search, filter, and browse attendee profiles
  • Share your expertise, interests, goals and status—looking for work, hiring, freelancing, exploring
  • Chat in public forums
  • Send private messages and hold 1:1/group video meetings
  • Get friendly support from EPIC staff and mentors

Networking & Social Events

In Terra you’ll also access the entire conference program, including sessions that are specially designed for making connections and having fun. Find your regional schedule here.

  • Speed Networking: Jump-start EPIC2021 with a new set of connections created in fun, bite-sized moments.
  • 360° Mentoring: Everyone has something to learn and something to offer—share and receive wisdom of all sorts in a session designed to foster connection and reciprocity.
  • Professional Journeys: Doing ethnography requires intention, rigor, resilience, improvisation, creativity, and straight-up serendipity. We’ll share triumphant, humbling, and humorous stories that shape our professional journeys as much as formal skills.
  • EPIC Conversations: Co-create themes and threads to discuss during the conference, and connect to people who want to have those conversations with you.
  • Future Games: Explore a creative method for strategic foresight