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Tutorials are mini-courses developed and taught by experts in the EPIC community. Tickets are $100, and participation is open to all EPIC2021 attendees on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up during or after conference registration.

How to find tutorials in your region:

We’ve noted world regions that are a best fit for the session time of each tutorial. You can also see tutorials within the full program schedule for your region:

1. Ethnographic Video: Storytelling for Impact
Americas, Asia Pacific
An end-to-end approach to scoping, planing, shooting, editing and sharing video ethnography projects.

2. Research for Accessible and Inclusive Design
Americas, Asia Pacific
Learn tools and strategies for integrating people with disabilities into your research and driving inclusive design.

3: Championing Qualitative Research: Replacing Quantitative Bias with Qualitative Value
Americas, Asia Pacific
Learn to identify “quantitative bias” so you can practice and communicate about qualitative research according to its unique value.

4A & 4B: Designing Ethnofutures Research Projects
Learn how to design ethnofutures projects and expand the time horizons of your work.

5: Integrating Sustainability in Ethnography & Design
Americas, Asia Pacific
Learn how to put sustainability principles into research practice and make the case for sustainability with stakeholders, clients, and organizations.

6: A Practical Approach to Multi-Dimensional Ethnography: Using Paco, a Behavioral Research Platform
Americas, Asia Pacific
Learn to open-source research platform using sensors and logs, surveys, experience sampling, triggers, and prompts.

7: From Research to Action: Leading Teams Through Synthesis
Americas, Europe, Africa, West & South Asia
Learn strategies and abductive methods for key challenges in the synthesis stage of research and design projects.

8: Research Recruitment: How to Find and Connect to Participants
Americas, Europe, Africa, West & South Asia
Learn how to create and execute a recruitment plan, strategies for recruiting quality respondents, practices for engaging and motivating participants, and more.

9: Leading with Care: How to Support the Mental Well-being of Your Team
Americas, Europe, Africa, West & South Asia
In this tutorial, leaders and managers will develop care strategies and plans of action for supporting their teams, their people, and themselves.

10: Power Tools for Equity in Research & Design
Americas, Europe, Africa, West & South Asia
This tutorial gives you robust, actionable tools for navigating inequity through a project life cycle.

11: Frameworks and Foundations for Team Development
Americas, Europe, Africa, West & South Asia
Develop a strategy for cultivating a successful research team and and growing yourself as a leader.

12: Ethnography for Project Risk Analysis and Quality Assurance
Americas, Europe, Africa, West & South Asia
Learn the core vocabulary, concepts, and methods of project managers, risk managers, and quality assurance managers, and explore how they align with ethnographic practices and expertise.

13: Business Thinking for Ethnographers
Americas, Europe, Africa, West & South Asia
Learn concepts and mindsets of business culture to make your work more intelligible and influential.

14: Using Analogs to Research the Unknown
Americas, Asia Pacific
Learn strategies for designing practical research of inaccessible or future environments.