Research Recruitment: How to Find and Connect to Participants

Learn how to create and execute a recruitment plan, strategies for recruiting quality respondents, practices for engaging and motivating participants, and more.

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INSTRUCTORS: Joanna Beer, Cecilie Løvestam & Anna Lucas (Generation Focus)


SCHEDULE: Tuesday, Oct 12, 8–10:00 am US Pacific Time / convert time zone


This tutorial teaches best practices for human-centered recruitment and strategies to create win-win-win experiences for participants, clients and recruiters.

Participant recruitment is a comprehensive process. It involves several activities, including identifying qualified participants, explaining the study to potential candidates, obtaining informed consent, and retaining participants until the study is completed. Finding, recruiting, and retaining articulate and engaged participants in the right target audience is critical for the success of a study.

In this interactive workshop, attendees will learn how to create and execute a recruitment plan, strategies for recruiting quality responders, practices for engaging and motivating participants, and more. With a combination of lecture and interactive activities, attendees will leave this tutorial with a clear understanding of best practices for participant recruitment and a toolkit of strategies to facilitate positive participant experiences. This tutorial is valuable for anyone who does research with participants.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to Create and Execute a Recruitment Plan
  • Finding and Engaging the Right Participants
  • Best Practices of Human-Centered Recruitment
  • Snowball Recruitment: Asking for referrals and generating interest
  • How to Screen Thoroughly and Avoid ‘Screener Fatigue’
  • Encourage high quality participation in your studies
  • Different ways of incentivizing respondents
  • Creating Win-Win experiences

This tutorial is open to anyone who conducts research with respondents.


Joanna Beer founded Generation Focus in 2017. Before Generation Focus, Joanna worked in financial services where she managed data-driven products and services. Joanna holds a Masters of Science in Management from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Studies from Warren Wilson College.

Cecilie Lovestam serves as Head of Research Operations at Generation Focus. Her background in applied psychology, anthropology, and research has fueled her dedication to the study of human behavior and the factors that allow people to thrive. Cecilie holds a master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.Sc. in Applied Psychology with a minor in Anthropology from New York University. She is passionate about applying her expertise in Positive Psychology to facilitate positive participant experiences.

Anna Lucas is the Senior Project Manager at Generation Focus. Over the past ten years, Anna’s work has been dedicated to building community and crafting meaningful experiences within education and the social impact space. Anna holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Leadership studies, as well as a master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the MAPP program at the University of Pennsylvania.

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